Dear Colleagues,
I hope your fall semester has gone well.

We are looking forward to seeing your team at the fourth and final course redesign workshop to be held at [LOCATION] on [DATE]. We urge you to bring as many members of your redesign team as possible.

I am writing about three things in relation to the final report and workshop:

>  The format for your final report, which is due on [DATE]
>  The agenda for the workshop
>  The presentation format for the workshop

Final Report Format

Attached to this message is a description of the format for the final report that you will need to complete by [DATE]. If you cannot meet the [DATE] deadline, please send by the deadline those parts of the report that you can complete as well as a note explaining your circumstances and when you plan to complete the full report.

Workshop Agenda

Also attached to this message is the agenda for the workshop.

Workshop Presentation Format

Please select one representative from your project to speak for a total of 15 minutes about the topics that follow. That will leave about five minutes for Q&A after each presentation.
In preparing your presentation, be sure to review your project abstracts posted on the course redesign website, your assessment plans, and your Cost Planning Tool, and refer to them as you discuss the following.
Student-Learning Outcomes
Based on the data you have collected, what was the impact of your redesign on student learning? What was the impact of redesign on course completion (reduction in DFW rates)? What pedagogical techniques did you use that contributed most to improving the quality of student learning?
Cost Savings
Have the original cost estimates for the course been met? If not, what were the major deviations and why did they occur? If savings are anticipated, what do you expect will happen to the resources that will be saved? What techniques contributed to cost savings?

Implementation Issues
Looking back on the implementation of your redesign, what worked best and what worked least well? What were the greatest challenges you faced, and what did you do to overcome them? What are your future plans?

Please let me know if you have questions.

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop. Best wishes for a happy holiday season!



Table of Contents

I. The Critical Components of a Successful Course Redesign Program
II. Assessing Institutional Readiness to Redesign
III. Making Key Decisions before the Program's Launch
IV. Developing a Plan of Work
V. Building Awareness and Capacity
VI. Assessing Course Readiness
VII. Preparing Teams to Submit Strong Proposals
VIII. Selecting Proposals That Will Succeed
IX. Monitoring the Redesign Implementations
X. Maintaining Consensus and Ensuring Sustainability
XI. Building Capacity and Scaling Initial Success


A. Plan of Work
B. Publicity Plan
C. Call to Participate
D. Application Guidelines
E. Workshop I Agenda
F. Workshop II Homework
G. Workshop Logistics
H. Workshop II Agenda
I. Workshop III Invitation
J. Workshop III Agenda
K. Workshop IV Invitation
L. Workshop IV Agenda
M. Final Report Format
N. Program Evaluation